color me in歌词

I am grey, still on the page 页面上,我依然灰白
Oh colour me in 噢,给我上色
Just an outline, sketchy but fine 只是给轮廓,粗略地上色,但颜色要鲜亮
Oh colour me in噢,给我上色
If green is chasing the hills over miles 如果连绵起伏的山是绿色
If blue is pursuing the sky 如果天空是蓝色
See if the red of your heart doesnt mind 如果你的红心不会在意
Where you begin to colour me in 你从哪里开始给我上色
Something new and nothing to do 一些新的,但无关紧要的事
Then Im just the idea 那我只有一个想法
I must be real, cause somehow I feel 我一定要成为真实的,因为我有时感觉
That Im just the idea 我只有一个想法
Lets share the blue of the towering sky 让我们分享高耸天空的蓝色

The green of the hills that roll by 流过高山的绿色
Leave the red of your heart to decide 让你的红心来决定
If you cannot choose which colour to use 如果你无法选择你要用的颜色
Ill always wait, its never too late 我会始终等待,从不会太晚
To colour me in 给我上色吧
To colour me in 给我上色吧
Today or next year, Ill always be here 今年或是明年,我都在那儿
If you want to colour me in 如果你想给我上色的话让我脸红。
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